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Buying our caviar you help to save sturgeons in nature!
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 “Russian Caviar House” is a company specialized on sales of “Black Gold” – sturgeon caviar (osetra) as the  most known, prestige and expensive dainty  among food products. The company does not belong to any concern or a group, it is absolutely free and independent in its positions and recommendations.
 We are professionals team who know and love their business.
Our aim is to offer You a worthy production, and to provide absolutely reliable information. This information lets You make the right choice starting from all possible factors to form the price of the product You buy, to exclude any deceive and to let You see the real picture of caviar market.
The ideology of the company:
Genuine black caviar is a unique product which will never be available for everyone!

Our customer is a special customer. He is the one who has reached quite a lot in his life and wishes to have only the best and therefore he requires a special attention to be paid to!
We cooperate with legal caviar producers only. We choose only THE HIGHEST QUALITY CAVIAR sorting out its best KINDS AND SORTS.

To guarantee the compliance with high quality standards we offer the product thoroughly checked and sorted out by our experts from the general mass of leading Russian caviar producers. Caviar is prepared at these enterprises for our special order under the control of our technologists from the best-picked out caviar roe.
We monitor the storage conditions of our production from the very moment of it has been produced until when we deliver it to You.

Our specialists are ready to fulfill all Your wishes, give any necessary consultation and do their best so that the good ordered by You is delivered in the shortest time to any points of Russia.
Buying our product You are sure to have a worthy good which meets Your status and hopes.
The information we have is fully public and our experts can always consult you on any questions, as well as:
    * what makes caviar producers be different;
    * how can one distinguish the production of the producers;
    * what criteria we follow when sorting out caviar:

    *  whether there were any preservatives added and which ones if so;
    *  modes of caviar production;
    *  how not to fall victims of  unscrupulous sellers and etc.

Trade company “Russian Caviar House” values its customers and never offers a product which might raise even a little doubt of our experts.

We invite to cooperation all persons concerned.




Russian Caviar House


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