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Buying our caviar you help to save sturgeons in nature!
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Russian Caviar House

                                           CJSC “Russian Caviar House” offers You a partnership!

   We would like to have a long standing and reliable partner in Your region. Our company sells best sorts of Black Sturgeon caviar from absolutely legal manufacturers. All necessary permissive documents are provided (Governmental license (State license), Hygiene Certificate, Veterinary Certificate, Certification of Conformity).

   We are pleased to consider a contract of caviar exclusive delivery to the only partner in Your region (nobody but You can receive our company’s caviar). We are for sure to offer special prices for You. We also guarantee free delivery 24 hours to your office from the moment of your application is filled.

  We offer 2 caviar types:
1.    Grainy caviar Pasteurized (shelf life is up to 12 months)- NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED (pure  salt only)
2.    Grainy caviar Fresh (shelf life is 2,5 months)- NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED (pure  salt only)

For today we have a new crop in stock in 50, 100, 125.gr. jars and in 500 gr. cans

So far soon we can offer Beluga and Sevruga caviar (when we get a new crop).

                                                               We never sell last year caviar!

   You will have a good partner represented by our company, which guarantees the quality of production and convenient delivery the whole year round.

                                     We are ready to discuss the details once You are interested in this offer.





Russian Caviar House


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