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Buying our caviar you help to save sturgeons in nature!
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The opening of Pavilion of Russian design in Florence

On May 21st  in one of the most prestigious places of the Tuscan capital, Lungarno Collection, Hotels, Retreats & Villas, agencies Profi2profit and Creativirus project with the support of Florence Design Week, Saint - Petersburg Design Week and the Moscow Design Week, AR.T.EX and VitrA companies, trademarks "Polugar" and "Russian Caviar House" successfully opened the Second Russian Pavilion Design in Florence.


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On March 27th Journal Millionaire Intarnational invited to the Moscow restaurant "Aist" several Russian stars to participate in the second cooking show "Recipe of Cooking the Happiness", where under the guidance of Evelyn Bledans and Timur Rodriguez they prepared that "Happiness." Umberto Rocco - famous Italian chef - helped them in this. He has worked in major cities around the world, and even with Giorgio Armani and Robert De Niro. Star Team was top notch, there were three couples mentioned among them: Dibrovs, Kostyushkins, Anastasia Makeeva and Gleb Matveichuk.
GC "Russian Caviar House" became the official partner of the event.


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25. 03. 2013

About "PREMIUM PREMIER" State Standard (GOST) Caviar


Not many people today know why until the collapse of the USSR Russian caviar was considered as a benchmark in the world. In fact, the secret was very simple - the raw material for caviar during its production passed the most rigorous selection process with various parameters, thereby providing the highest quality caviar. In this case for the export we use of all that was selected the best caviar of the best - you can say outstanding. I am proud to present to you this outstanding caviar - caviar of the highest quality, prepared in accordance with the old Soviet State Standard (GOST), and meeting the most demanding requirements previously applicable to caviar which was produced for export. I am sure you will appreciate its quality, worthy of the most successful people and the most pretentious gourmets.

Sincerely, the owner of GC "Russian Caviar House"

Alexander Novikov


08. 02. 2013

The "International Boston Seafood Snow" exhibition - 2013

GC "Russian Caviar House" took part in the world's largest seafood exhibition "International Boston Seafood Snow" (USA)


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Pancake week on CITY-FM

On the 6th of March there was held a rehearsal of Pancake week of CITY-FM in the "Hermitage" garden.
Group of companies "Russian Caviar House" took part in the winter send-off as a partner of the event.
It was fun, delicious, and a friendly cozy!

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Выставка продуктов питания "ПРОДЭКСПО - 2013"


На 20-й международной выставке продуктов питания "ПРОДЭКСПО",
ЗАО "Русский икорный дом" получила ГРАНПРИ как лучший продукт 2013года!


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