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Buying our caviar you help to save sturgeons in nature!
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Russian Caviar House

Company service “caviar delivery to your door” is a new and rather complex service on the whole admissible territory of the Russian Federation. The company “Russian Caviar House” provides this service in accordance with the following:

    * 24 hours delivery directly to customers hands  and 48 hours to the most far corners of Russia. Our product has a special pack which preserves temperature rate;
    * the speed of delivery and temperature preserve which is to say that quality is preserved as well;
    * guarantee of 100% refund or we replace the product to a new one according to reasonable require of a customer;
          o 1) Violation of pack integrity what leads to temperature rate violation *
          o 2) Untimely delivery
          o 3) Non-performance of delivery to the agreed date
    * The delivery of your order is free of charge. You only have to pay for your order.

* Violation of pack air-tightness must be fixed right at the time when the order is received. It is also necessary to note your claim in the form of order receipt.
 With your order You will also get the necessary documents to confirm the legality of production origin.
If you wish to organize a banquet, ceremonial dinner, anniversary celebrations, etc. – to order caviar for a certain date, You can always order it as much as you wish just calling +7 (495) 663-30-61. Our specialists will consult you on production and will help you to make the most reasonable choice.
                                                               Delivery (for free) in Moscow is in the day of order.






Russian Caviar House


For all owners of club cards Russian Caviar House discount on all products is


Russian Federation Authority on Sturgeons

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